Exploring a modern LAN design, together with implementation and it's testing

A local area network (LAN) with a secure hardwired subnet, a service subnet, and a WiFi subnet, each subnet with Internet access is specified, designed, implemented, and tested.

The hardwired subnet contains 2 Macs which can be dual booted to Mac OS X or Debian Linux, a printer, and a Network Address Storage (NAS). The service subnet contains another NAS with is used as a DLNA server to a TV connected to this service subnet. A WiFi subset also has access to this DLNA server making it available to hand-held wireless devices. The service subnet provides Internet access for all three subnets.

The network is formed from the Layer 2 capacity of a switch, two hardwire routers, and two WiFi router. They provide the active components required to deliver the services to the devices connected to the network as a whole. Configuration of these components together with the connected devices so as to use such capabilities, are described.

Components used in the network construction are of Apple, HP, Netgear, Tp-link, Cisco, and Google manufacture.

Document version: Revision 1 -- May 2020