Tailoting a Linux environment on to a MacPro 2019 (Revision 3)

The steps are described in using a standard Debian Linux distribution and tailoring it to fulfil the objective of having the latest software on a computer. The result is a MacPro 'cheese grater' which can dual boot into either Mac OS X or Linux.

The process starts by using a network install 'testing' distribution of Debian Linux. This standard installation is then adapted to the situation of the computer before dual booting software is installed. GCC compilers and X Window are installed from a Debian Internet package system. A window manager with a terminal emulator are installed from source and X Window made operational. Then bluetooth is activated to connect an Apple bluetooth keyboard. A Nvidia GPU card is installed together with software to make it operational

R, mariaDB, and vim with their dependencies are then installed from source.

Finally, the TeX system is installed from CTAN.

The resulting system gives access to the benefits offered by either Mac OS X or Linux environments, dual booting between either on the same MacPro hardware.

Document version: Revision -- August 2020