Xlib Processor Monitor

There are a number of tools to determine how a computer system is performing. This visualization is aimed at Linux systems, particularly those running on multi-core processor chips.

As opposed to other such monitors, this tool is designed to be on a screen, sitting in a corner showing the current state of the system while other work is performed using this screen.

Only memory available to run applications and processor usage are displayed: a core can contain a number of processors. Each of these variables is shown as a coloured box, the colouring of which reflects the current use of the variable the box represents. Such representation is in discrete chunks.

This tool is written in C and the visualization implemented in Xlib of the X Window system. Currently a maximum of 100 processors is displayed. The amount of memory and the number of processors present are determined automatically by the tool at start up. The update period for refreshing the data is set as a command line parameter when starting execution of the tool.

Xlib Processor Monitor (xpm) is a name replacement of the previous Xmpv. It contains the same code. As a result the version number has been reset to 1.1.

Document version: Revised -- Septemmber 2022