xm32k - Xlib/MUpdf for using standard ISO PDF

xm32k is a Linux/Unix program using X Window for manipulation of PDF document created elsewhere.

xm32k is a PDF document viewer with annotating and form filling capabilities. It is a much extended version of the X11 platform PDF reader in the mupdf distribution. They are both front ends to the mupdf libraries, executing on Unix and like systems, and use X Window's Xlib library. xm32k adopts a graphical user interface while maintaining the speed and light-weight philosophy of the mupdf design, resulting in easy access to operations on a PDF document.

xm32k is open source and uses the Xlib library alone, without toolkits, to connect to X Window. It is written in standard C and uses the mupdf library (available from: mupdf home page) for all manipulation of the PDF file.

The documents handled are PDF complying to the ISO 32000-1:2008 standard. xm32k displays one page of a document at a time. It reads the size of the document page and adjusts the display so as to show the complete page. Ten registers are available to store page numbers of interest and then go directly to any of them, in addition to single and multiple page forwarding and reversing. Magnification of a page, rotation of the page, and viewing under different colour spaces are supported. Viewing and removing annotations in the PDF file are supported. Handling of annotation and form types follow their capacity available within the mupdf library distribution. Both keyboard and mouse controls of xm32k are provided. Colour is used to aid the user interface.

The package contains the source, pixmaps used in the building, a user manual, and PDF documents against which xm32k has been tested. Although xm32k is not complete it does provide handling of PDF documents commonly encountered every day. It can assist in examining and searching a PDF document, together with interactively handling of annotations and form fields.

The current release provides rotation, magnification, page re-ordering, page reference storage and retrieval, forward and backward page skipping with step-size setting, direct page access, document structure listing, text search, and different rendering types. Although most operations are menu oriented, some short cut keyboard strokes are porvided. Annotations as highlights, underline, strike out, sticky note, free text, stamp, caret, and drawing of ellipse, rectangle, polygon, and polyline are supported. Both entering such annotation and annotation removal is supported. Form filling of text, radio button, check box, combo box and list box are supported in this release. Form data inspection is also supported. More will be added in future releases.

Current software version: 2.8.3 compatible with mupdf distribution version 1.24.1.