xlibcolor - Xlib color finder

xlibcolor uses sliders to enable the user to find a colour. Two sets of three sliders are provided. One set for the RGB colour space and the other for the Tektronix device independent TekHVC colour space. The resulting slider produced colour is shown on a colour swatch with corresponding values from the two colour spaces displayed in windows on the xlibcolor base window. Correspondence issues between the value sets is also shown. Each slider movement produces a new colour with the correspondence shown immediately. A button to record the last colour of interest is provided.

xlibcolor is written in C and uses Xlib alone to perform it's graphics.

Must a X Window toolkit be present on the system to use a colour selection program? The answer is no, execpt most of the open source implementations found on the WWW appear to use toolkits. xlibcolor was written to overcome such a situation.

Current software version: 1.3