e6 - Endnote Sibling in Xlib

The e6 program provides a graphical user interface to citation reference formulated for the BibLaTeX system. Both preparation of references and finding those already recorded are supported. There are numerous BibLaTeX reference types and each has different required and optional information. This program assists the user in providing such information correctly formulated. It attempts to provide better service for citation reference handling under the X Window System than is provided by Endnote under Windows.

The program is written in standard C and uses Xlib alone as the provider of the graphical interface. The file containing the references is a text file with reference type and each field identified by a text string.

Fields defined in the BibLaTeX documentation for each reference type are implemented. These are numerous and difficult to remember. This program is aimed at removing that situation. The layout of the fields for a given reference type are collected together into those which are required and those which are optional. A red colour outline is also used to indicate fields requiring an entry. Optional fields are gathered together and when those fields are present in a reference type, those groupings are used to present those reference fields. When two or more of such groupings occur in different reference types, the order of presentation on the screen of those groups is repeated in each reference display. Each reference has one screen showing all fields relating to that reference type.

This program is usable but incomplete. All reference types have now been implemented including the non-standard BibLaTeX types. Particularly those non-standard types will need revision as a better idea of the apropriate fields is determined. Visible 'hooks' are provided in the program user interface to provide addition services in future releases of this software. Provision is also made for future inclusion of EndNote reference types not yet considered to be part of BibLaTeX. These will be added when BibLaTeX is expanded to cover such types. Documentation in PDF form is provided under the docs/ sub-directory.

Current software version: 2.3.0. This version adds database reference.