cbg -Composing B(DF) Glyphs

cbg is a command-line driven program written in C. It matches the characters contained in the string given on the command-line with the glyphs contained in a single file repository given on the command-line, joins them as appropriate, and stores the resulting composition into an output file. Only a single line string of text characters can be set into the glyph representation. Because the glyph repository is of a single font foundary and size, the resulting output also has those glyph characteristics.

In the early stage of developing the e6 program, a means of composing public available BDF character glyphs into phrases of multiple characters was required. A search of the WWW did not yield open source software to perform such a task. The program cbg was written as a result. Although the cbg program is included in the e6 program distribution, cbg has application beyond its initial application.

Current software version: 1.1 This version corrects a number of coding errors.